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"Be One with Innovation and Victory will Be One with You"

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Hankook Tire and Real Madrid join together as one.
Relentless endeavor to create one perfect driving experience stems from the passion for innovation.

With Real Madrid, the world’s best football club, Hankook Tire wants to tell a story of its endless pursuit of winning innovations and passion. By partnering with Real Madrid, which never ceases to innovate despite having achieved so many finest moments, Hankook Tire wanted to portray its passion for innovation.

Be one with innovation and victory will be one with you.

‘What Does Driving Mean to You?’

[Campaign] "Be One with It" - "Winter" (30', English, 2012)
[Campaign] "Be One with It" - "Surfer" (30'', English, 2013)

When the driver and tyres become one, the driver experiences the ultimate moment in driving.

Whether going to work early in the morning, coming home from work with the sunset in the background, taking your child to school, or taking a trip, driving is a huge part of our lives. At these times, the driver becomes one with the car and the outside scenery drifts by as if in slow-motion. When the driver becomes completely one with the car, the true pleasure of driving can be discovered.

From the moment a base jumper steps off a cliff wearing a wingsuit, a surfer rides a wave on a surfboard, or a snowboarder glides down a snow-covered mountain, the one common element lies in putting complete trust in their equipment to experience that extreme thrill they’re seeking.

For the ultimate driving experience and to find that perfect moment when the driver becomes one with the tyres, Hankook is forging ahead with a multifaceted approach. Although it might not be easy, our goal is to do our utmost so that all drivers can discover that perfect moment. This is the message Hankook is sending through our “Be One with It” campaign.

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