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“No matter your passion, chase it.”

Hankook Tire es - Campañas de marca

Hankook Tire teams up with the MLB and L.A. Dodgers superstar Clayton Kershaw.

You’ll never find Hankook Tire or its drivers going halfway. Our passion feeds our confidence. It drives us forward to overcome any challenge, anywhere our journey leads.

The same can be said for the world’s best athletes at the top of their game. By partnering with Los Angeles Dodgers pitching ace, Clayton Kershaw, Hankook Tire showcases our shared passion and commitment to always go the distance. For MLB players and fans, it’s this unrelenting will to succeed that makes baseball America’s most beloved game and makes every Hankook Tire the very best tire you can own.

“Never give up. Never give in.”

Hankook Tire es - Campañas de marca
Hankook Tire - Long Catch
Perfect Pitch

That’s the drive of every MLB player and Hankook Tire engineer.

Baseball is a game of split-second timing and an unrelenting drive to be your very best. Which means every MLB player, such as lefthanded pitching ace Clayton Kershaw, needs to perform at their best, in any instance, no matter what road ahead.

This unstoppable passion and dedication for the game is matched by the same commitment that Hankook Tire so proudly shares. And it shows. Whether it’s chasing down a home-run ball no matter how far it travels or carefully contemplating the perfect pitch when the game is on the line, there are no short cuts or rest stops on the road to greatness.

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