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Proactive Culture Hankook Tire global - Proactive Culture

Proactive Culture, the Spirit of Hankook Tire

At Hankook Tire, we firmly understand that the company’s success has stemmed from the efforts of our determined and passionate employees. Since our founding in 1941, every employee who has worked with the company has represented a special part of that history.

Our proactive leaders have built a strong foundation by readily accepting new challenges and sharing best ideas instead of settling for the status quo. This is the unique proactive culture of Hankook Tire.

Hankook Tire believes that long-term sustainable growth is created through the growth and development of its employees. Born from our systematic approach to build a culture that blends "professionalism" and "active mindset," the "Proactive" culture is generating Hankook Tire’s proactive leaders of today and tomorrow with exciting stories of success and endeavor.

Proactive Culture

This is the corporate culture of Hankook Tire which has grown based on the entrepreneurial spirit of challenge and innovation.

Proactive Leader

Proactive Leader is a member of Hankook Tire who achieves the goal by putting a challenge into action with constant self-innovation.

Hankook Tire global - Proactive Culture

Proactive Communication

At Hankook Tire, both management and employees are responsible for paving the way for our company's future. To promote proactive communication, we openly disclose management information and strategies to all employees and in return give voice to employee concerns.

We host spaces for active communication, such as management seminars and Hankook Tire Agora, or HANA, an online forum for sharing and listening without barriers, all of which are the starting points of transparent management.

Icon of Innovation, Digital Workplace Arena

Arena is a digital business platform sharing mission & vision of Global One Company. It is a proactive culture of Hankook Tire where people can freely communicate and share information, with increased convenience. Arena will lead innovative work style by helping people express themselves in enjoyable environment.

Hankook Tire global - Proactive Culture

Internal Management Briefings: Promoting Transparency

All employees of Hankook Tire take ownership in their work. Thus Hankook Tire holds internal briefing sessions to explain the company’s business performance and achievements to all workers.

Every quarter, each department leader explains the company’s accomplishments and the department’s issues, which provides an opportunity for better understanding on the department and efficient communication among all employees.

Through these meetings, employees gain trust in the company and achieve their best performance, and team leaders are able to create a synergy effect in performing their tasks by understanding the company’s strategies and operational conditions.

Work and Life Balance

Hankook Tire empathizes with employees and thus works hard to provide a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment at work. We offer practical support and encourage a culture of mutual participation so everyone can achieve a favorable balance between work and their personal lives.

For instance, company-sponsored day care centers and clubs are just a few examples of how Hankook Tire is assisting employees in their quest to balance their work and personal lives, develop new potential, and make the most of their contribution to the company’s sustainable growth.

Day Care Support for Parents

At Hankook Tire, we understand that happiness stems from a stable family life so we opened the H KIDZ to ease concerns regarding childcare and help employees focus while they work.

The newly equipped eco-friendly facility employs experienced teachers and provides specialized programs for each age group, allowing Hankook Tire employees to entrust their children during working hours. Through healthy and dependable childcare, employees of Hankook Tire are able to foster true family happiness.

Company Club Activities: Developing New Abilities

Hankook Tire actively promotes voluntarily membership in various club activities to help employees find their potential and develop new abilities, which encourages intra-company communications.

This is done through the Community of Practices (CoP) program, which offers a range of internal club activities that ultimately aim to provide employees with happiness in life.

The CoP program consists of education, sports and hobby elements geared to each employee’s interests, while the Heart Sharing CoP program operates a variety of external activities including voluntary work.

Health Improvement Program: Strengthening Employee Health

Hankook Tire operates clinics and oriental medicine centers to monitor the health of all employees. At these facilities, employees can take advantage of professional health and medical services including industrial-related medical advice and guidance.

In addition, professional nutritionist are thoroughly managing salinity control and food hygiene in employee cafeteria for health management. Hankook Tire also provides health improvement centers which are open 24 hours a day and provide information on general health management and chronic disease prevention, and one-on-one guidance from sports training professionals.

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