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In an effort to enhance our working environment, Hankook Tire has streamlined internal processes so employees can express their creativity freely and work more efficiently. To support our employees, we offer Proactive Fridays once a month and provide creative time for them to take part in activities such as the Proactive 1 GRAND PRIX and the Proactive Awards which actively develops the growth of our proactive leaders.

Proactive Friday Puts Their own Plans into Action

On a monthly basis, Hankook Tire employees are granted a special Friday to set their own agenda. These Proactive Fridays offer employees an opportunity to experience new activities which allow individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Hankook Tire team employees are encouraged to explore activities which elevate communication skills with colleagues, improve their talents, and foster creative ideas. As part of this initiative, Hankook Tire supports activities such as learning industry best practices, driving experiences and visits to exhibitions.

In addition, the company supports diverse activities for employees to obtain insights such as knowledge-sharing programs where each member of a team learns a different subject and shares key understandings with colleagues. Proactive Fridays enable employees to develop as Proactive Leaders with a progressive, open communication mindset, which drives autonomy and creativity. By freely investing their own time in broadening their experience and obtaining insights, employees can come up with remarkable ideas and achieve great things.

Proactive 1 GRAND PRIX, Proactive Lab where everyone can make innovation

The Proactive 1 GRAND PRIX is an idea proposal system which encourages employees to freely propose their ideas. The ideas don't necessarily have to be job-related. Every Hankook Tire employeecan participate in it and the proposed ideas will be implemented throughout the company after the feedback and review of employees.

Since 2018, we have established the 'Proactive Lab', a preliminary in-house venture organization, to help the proposers realize their own ideas. The best ideas in Proactive 1 GRAND PRIX are selected via employees' vote and presentation to top management. After selected, best idea proposers become the team leaders, andthey select team members to develop ideas in Proactive Lab for a certain period like startup. In Proactive Lab, not only new business but also R&D related tasks for new technology development are selected and operated.

In 2019, Hankook Tire is selected as an in-house venture operator by Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups (MMS). Through this program, we institutionally support the development of best ideas from the Proactive Lab to in-house venture and further to develop as a new business. The culture of proactively proposing and implementing new ideas is the driving force of innovation that enables Hankook Tire's continous growth.

Proactive Awards Lead to Greater Synergy

Hankook Tire drives synergy by sharing the value and achievements of employees. Hankook Tire’s annual Proactive Awards give prizes to the individuals and teams which best demonstrate proactive leadership and achievement. Winners are selected from four categories—Leadership, Performance, Challenge, and Innovation—and are awarded cash prizes. These highly regarded awards target employees worldwide, and the achievements of the winners are shared through the company’s diverse communication channels. The Proactive Awards motivate employees to achieve extraordinary outcomes and encourage all Hankook Tire team members to pursue and fulfill new goals.

Proactive Award Categories

Leadership : An individual who greatly enhances the achievements of an organization and develops talented people through Proactive Leadership.

Performance : An organization which achieves great success.

Challenge : An employee who uses progressive thinking to conquer new challenges.

Innovation : An organization which achieves valuable innovation.

Proactive Workstyle, Hankook Tire's way of working

The Proactive Workstyle is the way Hankook Tire works to ensure that every employees can be the innovator based on their expertise. To continue innovation in workstyle, Hankook Tire has conducted the 'Less for Better' campaign since 2016.

Through the 'Less for Better' campaign, which focus on reducing unnecessary work including PPT-less and removing inefficiency in meeting/reporting culture, Hankook Tire's members may focus on the core of their work and proceed works effectively. The reduced working time could become as the time for employees to create new ideas.

Through the Proactive Workstyle, Hankook Tire's members can personally grow and achieve the company vision, 'The Future Driving Innovator' as well.

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