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Proactive Workplace Hankook Tire global - Proactive Workplace

Hankook Tire & Technology has a work environment which pursues communication and collaboration with corporate culture values. Conference rooms, focus rooms, and amenity facilities support various work styles for our employees. Transforming the workplace and improving the work processes creates an environment where employees can think creatively.

Technoplex, a working space that leads innovation

Major affiliates of Holding company of Hankook Tire, including Hankook Tire & Technology, moved into Technoplex in May 2020 to lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution and strengthen the future competitiveness based on technology. Technoplex will be the ideal place to grow into a company that realizes innovation by harmonizing the holding companies and affiliates including Hankook Tire & Technology, Hankook Atlas BX, and Hankook Networks in one space. Technoplex, built with a total area of 47,919.42 ㎡, with six floors below ground and ten floors above ground, pursues visual connectivity for spatial planning, and minimizes the break between floors with void space and atrium space.

In addition to the smart office facilities that pursue communication and autonomy to achieve borderless open innovation, various amenities (Bistrofine, a fitness center, a wellness center, etc.) and environment-friendly work spaces have been provided to help employees enjoy a healthier corporate life. Technoplex will play an important role in building a future where innovation will be realized through collaboration and communication oriented working methods.

Hankook Technodome, a space leading the way in developing innovative future technologies

Hankook Technodome was established in 2016 to secure global technological leadership and strengthen future competitiveness. Built in a total area of 93,328 ㎡ with two floors below ground and four floors above ground, Hankook Technodome is equipped with advanced research equipment including an anechoic room, the world's best noise test facility, and testing facilities including driving simulators that allow virtual test drives in realistic racing environments.

In addition, we are continuously expanding our global professional research personnel and support infrastructure investments in high-tech technologies. We will take the lead in developing innovative future technologies by establishing a work environment optimized for R&D processes along with an innovative work space.

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