The Next Driving Lab

‘Who creates the new value of driving?’

Hankook continues its challenge to create the experience of a new and innovative driving which drivers have never experienced so far. ‘The Next Driving Lab’ was born with the value of Hankook dreaming of driving in the next generation, not just as a tire maker. The Next Driving Lab will continue to make the projects containing new driving emotions based on its innovative high-technology.

The second project of The Next Driving Lab, Mind Reading Tire Powered by human’s brainwave, Mind Reading Tire enables the vehicle to move without any basic components of vehicles such as engines, brakes or even a steering wheel.

[Digital Campaign] The Next Driving Lab 3rd Project 'BALL PIN TIRE'
[Campaign] The Next Driving Lab by Hankook Tire Ⅱ (2014)
[Campaign] The Next Driving Lab by Hankook TireⅠ(2013)
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