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A new survey by Hankook reveals that a third of us are planning an Easter getaway this year. A quarter of us will be travelling as far as Belgium but for some Brits, checking the car before the long journey is not a top priority.

Statistics have shown that only 1 in 10 holiday makers check their seatbelts before hitting the road, and only a third consider their tyre safety. Neglecting elements such as tyre pressure can however lead to difficult handling on bends and curves, causing the car to push or pull in unsafe directions.

Taking to the radio to share their advice is Hankook’s Stephen Marsh and TV presenter Tiff Needell. With Stephen’s 30 years in the tyre industry and Tiff’s extensive racing experience, the two provide top tips for tyre safety this Easter.

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The total number of casualties resulting from tyre-related incidents over the last five reported years* is 5,677 of which 989 people were killed or seriously injured. Where casualties arise from an accident caused by a vehicle defect, tyres are the single largest contributory factor over the last five reported years*, accounting for 36% of the total. Annually, 2.2 million cars fail the MoT due to tyre-related defects**.

*DfT five years to 2014.

**DVSA 2012-2014.

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