Supercar Fest 2020

Hankook Tire uk - Supercar Fest 2020

Hankook Tyre UK have renewed their partnership with Supercar Fest 2020 and look forward to sponsoring this unique motorsports event again this year.

Returning for Supercar Fest 2020... The Hill

Sunday 30th August at Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire.

After the huge success that was the Supercar Fest 2019 Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, Hankook is returning to this event for a second year running.

This one day festival will once again showcase the best modern day and classic supercars ever built. Enjoy unrestricted access to the Supercar Paddock where you can get up close and personal with some of the world's most exotic machines ever made. Watch the supercars blasting up the famous hill and get your ear plugs ready for some very exclusive supercar and motorsport demonstration runs.

Supercar Fest Preview 2019

Supercar Fest 2020… The Day

The Hill Supercar Fest event is always packed full of motorsports, activities and a huge range of events and things to do. The Supercar Paddock will host unrestricted access to all types of supercars, from the modern to the classics. There will be demo runs on The Hill, as owners will go head to head to put the cars through their paces. This event will host and pay tribute to many classic and sports cars, which will be judged and categorised accordingly. There will be a series of supercar demonstrations throughout the day, as well as the Supercar Fest's infamous hospitality for all, including VIPs who will have unlimited access to food, drink and live music.

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