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Hankook Tire us - Brand Portfolio

The global flagship brand, Hankook, has several sub-brands that cover diverse segments in terms of trims and compatible vehicle types.
(Ventus/Optimo/Kinergy/enfren/Dynapro/Smart/Vantra/Winter i*cept/ Winter i*pike)

Laufenn brand aims to serve smart, sensible consumers with a well-rounded range of quality products, which fit a variety of lifestyle needs through timely tire performance upgrades and enhancement. Following its launch in 2014 in the US, Laufenn was launched in strategic markets including North & Latin America, Europe, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific regions, where it is run as the company's second global brand.

Aurora, a brand for customers outside Korea, has a product brand named Route Master, or "tires that are the masters of the road".
(Route Master)

Kingstar is another brand exclusively sold outside Korea. This brand runs the Road Fit product brand, which stands for tires that deliver optimal on-road performance.
(Road Fit)

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